How it Works


  1. BORESCOPE: Heat Exchanger, Cooler (Trans), and other systems where Zinc and or visual openings are accessible.
  2. RAW WATER PUMP: Visually check mounting, possible leaks, and any other issues.
  3. SEA COCK: Check valve for operational functionality.
    Note, Sea Cock Valve, even in a closed position can allow for seepage if compromised.
  4. Sea Strainer: Visually check Sea Strainer for grass build-up and cylinder clarity.
  5. Zincs: Check for wear and leaks and replace as necessary.
  6. Hoses / Hose Clamps: Inspect for clamp replacements or double clamp as necessary.
  7. Run Engines: Check for issues that could prevent flush, hull outflow exhaust/water stream, and color of smoke if any.


  1. Set up: Prep equipment and boat prior to flush.
  2. Boat protection: All surfaces are protected with Blue Diamond and waterproof tarps. Note, engines are NOT running during flush procedures. 
  3. Plumbing: Properly connect lines to achieve full circulation and run fresh water through system to check for leaks prior to adding the Barnacle Buster descaler.
  4. Flushing: Flushing rate is over 1,200 gallons per hour for a minimum of 1-2 hours per engine. Forward and reverse flush ensures capture of one-way particles. Check for change in color and odor signifying breakdown of calcium deposits. A filter bag captures particles such as broken impellers, zincs, and other foreign matter that should not be in the system. All systems are flushed with fresh water.


  1. BORESCOPE: Heat Exchanger, After Cooler, and other systems where Zinc and/or Hose openings are accessible to confirm results post flush.
  2. Zincs: Replace as necessary.
  3. Systems: Connect all Hoses, exhaust riser lines, prop shaft, and seal lines per checklist.
  4. Sea Cock: Ensure valves are open prior to starting engines.
  5. Run Engines: Check for leaks and exhaust flow from hull.
  6. Coolant: Test coolant properties and overflow level.
  7. Hoses / Hose Clamps: Check all Hoses, Exhaust Riser Lines, Prop Shaft Lines, Sea Cock Lines ensuring proper seal.
  8. Report: Full service report with photos emailed to you confirming flush results.