Before and after Barnacle Flush

Marine Cooling Maintenance ensures the proper function of sea water cooled heat exchangers, intercoolers/aftercoolers and gear box coolers. In some cases also the power steering cooler, fuel cooler, and engine oil cooler. We use an environmentally safe solution that does not harm metal or rubber seals to flush your sea water system of marine growth and ensure proper water flow to your engine.

Without proper water flow, your engine loses cooling efficiency, resulting in engine overheating. Over time this can lead to significant damage costing thousands of dollars in mechanical service and downtime. Our service is non-invasive and a fraction of the cost of traditional marine mechanical service and we keep your downtime to a minimum. Here’s what we do…


  1. Borescope: Heat Exchanger, Cooler (Trans) other systems when Zinc and or visual openings are accessible and possible.
  2. Pressure test Heat Exchanger for loss of pressure and leaks. If an expansion tank (recovery bottle) is in place, check for proper connections, obstructions and for leaks.
  3. Check Coolant level, color and test for effectiveness; check overflow level in the tank.
  4. Visual and Borescope Raw Water Pump Impeller. Checking for color change of the original color black impeller; Flexibility, chips, cracks, and Borescope down the fins.
  5. Check Sea Cock Valve for operational and functional. Note: A Sea Cock Valve in a closed position can still allow for seawater seepage if the valve is compromised.
  6. Check Sea Strainer for grass build-up and clarity of cylinder.
  7. Check Zincs for wear and leaks.
  8. Check all Hoses and Hose Clamps and inspect for double clamps where necessary.
  9. Start Engines checking for issues that could prevent doing a flush. While the engine is running, check the hull outflow exhaust/water stream and color of smoke if any.

Flush Procedures

  1. Setting up the equipment prior to flush.
  2. Boat protection: All boat surface areas are protected by waterproof tarps.
  3. Plumbing prior to flush.
  4. The Flushing unit: We first run fresh water through the system to check for leaks prior to adding the ​Barnacle Buster descaler. Our exceptional flushing rate is over 1,200 gallons per hour for a minimum of two hours, reversing the flow after one hour so as not to have any large particles trapped in any direction. During the first ten minutes of the flushing procedure with the biodegradable descaler, we can see the change in color and odor as a result of the descalers’ effectiveness to breakdown the calcium deposits. As time goes on during the two-hour flush, one can see the intensity of the descaling results. The white bag is used to filter particles such as broken impellers, zincs, shells, incrustations and other foreign matter that should not be in the system.
  5. Flushing all the systems with fresh water.
  6. Boroscope the results of the flush.

Post Flush

  1. Borescope Heat Exchanger, Cooler (Trans) other systems when Zinc and or Hose opening accessibility is possible.
  2. Pressure test Heat Exchanger for loss of pressure and leaks.
  3. Replace Zincs if necessary.
  4. Connect all Hoses, exhaust riser lines, prop shaft seal lines. 
  5. Sea Cock Valves- Check to make sure the valves are open prior to starting engines.
  6. Start Engines to check for leaks and exhaust flow from the hull.
  7. Check the coolant overflow level.
  8. Visually check Raw Water Pump for leaks and flow from the hull.
  9. Check Hose Clamps for double clamps and Exhaust Riser lines, Prop Shaft, Sea Cock seal lines.       
  10. Place Next Service Date Sticker.

The Marine Cooling Maintenance service is completed within a day or less.


I bought my 1998, 40’ Bayliner with twin 330 HP Cummins three years ago and all this time I noticed the starboard engine was not running as well as the port. The survey did not include a diagnostic on the cooling system, therefore I had no idea of the true temperatures that the engines were running at, being the gauges are not that accurate.

I brought in three different mechanics to give me a quote on servicing the entire cooling system. One mechanic confirmed the problem by taking off the end-cap of the starboard heat exchanger, which made the problem apparent. The heat exchanger was 90% plugged with marine growth. The quotes ranged from $10,000-15,000 to service all the components that are serviced by the raw water cooling systems.

Being a product designer for over 50 years, I said to myself there has to be a way of servicing my cooling systems without spending that kind of money. Past experience told me once you start dismantling your marine engine parts, you open up a can of sea worms. After much research I found a descaling solution that has been used by the US Navy for many years. It is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-invasive to metal or rubber.

I bought the flushing equipment and went to work and the results were amazing. It completely cleaned my entire cooling systems of marine growth including the fuel cooler (see before and after pictures). Shortly thereafter Barnacle Flush was born!

Johnny LaFata, Founder
Barnacle Flush – Your Engine’s Life Insurance


44’ Novatec (1993)
Twin Caterpillar 3208

Starboard Dropped 50%
Port Dropped 36%

Brian & Debbie Goelz

Our Caterpillar 3208’s were running fine and didn’t think we needed the full service flush. Wow, we were amazed to watch our engine temperatures drop by up to 50%! We are very pleased with your affordable, fast, clean, and professional service. Big thanks to your service tech for letting us know we needed to replace our deteriorating brass coolant line too. Keep up the good work!

Ocean Star
44’ Alexander (1989)
Twin Volvo Penta’s

Starboard Dropped 42%
Port Dropped 19%

Jeff & Denise Laveson

It’s the best flush I’ve ever had.

Black Gold
76′ Lazzara (1999)
MTU 1150 HP

20 degree drop in both engines

Bob Tyner, CCYC Commodore

My Engines are now running very well and I attributed it to BarnacleFlush. Their service was very impressive.

35’ Tiara (2000)
Twin Cummins

Starboard Dropped 18%

Craig & Patty Dever

I was very pleased with the work, your promptness, no residual mess and that everything was thoroughly explained before work was begun.

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